Les Yeux Dans Les Yeux, de Vavriceck.
Film, Black & White, Sound, 02’09”, 2021 

The film takes its cue from the archive footage of Vavriceck, specifically, a file titled “klavierfilm” in which the viewer silently gazes into a girl playing the piano in what seems like a domestic environment.

Observing what’s going on outside from a window. Gazing at people and enjoying the scenery.Les Yeux Dans Les Yeux, de Vavriceck is a fragmented reconstruction of the archive footage. The film proposes an alternative visual and musical score; one that is built based on the original material itself.

In collaboration with The Austrian Film Museum

Les Yeux Dons Les Yeux, de Vavriceck, Film, Black & White, Sound, 02'09", 2021