Starry Nights
2018, Text, Led signs, Various Dimensions

The concept for this body of work consists of an exploration of meanings and interpretations regarding my own memory as a child of the live broadcast of the “Shock and Awe” operation in Baghdad in 2003. At the time, when we are able to witness such events through our translucent TV glass screens, we are becoming the spectators creating our own impressions about what we are observing.

Conceptually, the starting point of this project was the way I have received these images; as a child, what I have seen was a sublime romantic vision of something non-understandable happening up in the sky. Furthermore, with the sudden appearance of the running text on the screen I was pulled out of my dream into reality.

This clash moment prompts us to question the confrontation point between the dream and the reality; focusing on different perceptions of light and sky, the relationship between the text scrolling on the LED signs and the image which it’s describing is never quite clear or explicit. The aim of my search is not only to leave a gap for the possibility of getting lost between some of the poetical suggestions of these texts but also to question the role that these running texts play in our conception.

Starry Night, Text, Led signs, Various Dimensions, 2017. Installation View @Afro Asiatisches Institut, Graz, Austria