Les Yeux Dans Les Yeux
2021, Film, Black & White, Sound, 02’24”

Observing what’s going on outside, in the courtyard, on the street, and in the little garden of the neighbor. Watching the kids playing in the garden, enjoying the scenery. Huda Takriti focuses on scenes from the archive of the Austrian Film Museum that encompass the potential transgression of the filmic gaze - turning into voyeurism.

The image of a young woman falls in and out of focus, her eyes meeting and escaping the camera. The duality in intention reflected in the portrayal of daily life serves as an expression of the duality of the archive itself: What’s the relation between the historical truth and the fiction inscribed in its cinematic depiction? Which fantasies are visible in the silent gazing at others? “Les Yeux Dans Les Yeux” takes its cue from a specific file of the archive titled “Klavierfilm” — in which the viewer is confronted with a soundless scene of a girl playing the piano in what seems like a domestic environment. By transforming the musical score the girl plays in the archive footage into a visual one, Takriti proposes an alternative score for the archive in an attempt to emphasize its ambiguity.

The film was produced in collaboration with the Austrian Film Museum and the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna.

Les Yeux Dons Les Yeux, Film, Black & White, Sound, 02'24", 2021