You are becoming the maybe...
2016, Video, 16:9, Colour, Sound, 03’34” 

This work is built around the relation between the person and the Self; it is a look at the difficulties of locating the Self or extending it across the diverse forms of constructed borders of belonging and existence.

Observing this relation, a question of reality or detachment within the Self at some stages of our life arises, of regarding one’s mind or body, or of being a detached observer of oneself. In the video the camera moves slowly like an eye, gradually examining and scanning the body, staring with curiosity, checking that every part still exists, making sure that nothing is missing, nothing is left behind. Nevertheless, what appears to us is only an abstract skin, leaving the question of what is missing unrevealed by the image.

The main storyline is embedded in the sound, one that emerges suddenly and quickly fades out, reciting parts of a dream or random memories, a few rambling sentences questioning the distance between one and oneself. Short circuits are produced between the video and the sound, leaving gaps between what we see and what we hear, a hole in the narrative that attempts to create a discomfort zone and depicts the disturbing moments of our existence.


You are becoming the maybe..., Video, 16:9, Colour, Sound, 03’34”, 2016.