Six hours forward are six hours backwards and vice versa
2018, Text, Installation View @Kunstraum Lakeside, Klagenfurt, Austria

In contrast to conventional research processes, for example in the sciences, research in an artistic context not only precedes the artistic work that results but also becomes the actual object of the investigation. Within artistic fields of practice that are dedicated to research, artists not only bring certain topics, issues, and ideas to our attention using visual means; in the best case they also examine the possibilities and alternatives offered by their own actions. Research thus becomes inseparable from the art object as the boundaries between the work and methods are erased. 

The exhibition and|or—but, yay* explores aesthetic fields of endeavor that not only constantly reflect on and revise their own materials, forms, and media, but whose speculative approach itself becomes an object of investigation and representation. “The aim of the research is neither to capture reality graphically nor to describe it linguistically, neither to check previous hypotheses nor to follow up on preliminary questions or document processes. Instead, it seeks to be identical with practice and by revising, circumventing, and treating that practice to activate implicit knowledge and generate new findings […] – research conducted on one’s own behalf that provides information through its execution.”* In the exhibition and|or—but, yay*, aesthetic practice is thus understood as a form of knowledge that not only describes and/or visualizes reality but also shapes it.

The exhibition title and|or—but, yay* reflect the described processes of artistic research. “And,” “or,” and “but” are to be understood as verbal decision-making expressions that are inseparably linked: it’s about constantly weighing questions and problems of content; about considering the one side and the other side; about connecting and mixing stories, narratives, and forms with the aim of achieving integrative solutions; about separating and juxtaposing the natures and characteristics of things; about contradictions and the contrast between phenomena and systems that condition and exclude one another; about a productive interruption – “yay.”


In contrast to Yüceil’s work, Six hours forward are six hours backwards and vice versa (2018) by Huda Takriti deals not only with time but also space. The text-based work is divided into two parts, shown in the exhibition venues in Vienna and Klagenfurt. “When I began working on this project,” says the artist, “the sentence got stuck in my head. I was in an endless loop that I wanted to break through. But every step forward in search of a solution was at the same time a step backward, and so I found myself in a cycle of movement that finally ended in silence.”

Excerpt from the accompanying text of the Exhibition and|or—but, yay* by Franz Thalmair

Six hours forward are six hours backwards and vice versa, Text, 2018. Installation View@Kunstraum Lakeside. Photo: Johannes Puch