Room 137
Site specific sculpture, Various Deminsions, 2018.

/Room 137/ is a site specific interactive sculpture that took place in PFERD, an exhibition space which is located in a student dormitory in Vienna. Arriving at the exhibition place for the first time, we, the exhibiting artists, were confronted with many restrictions concerning how can we deal with the shared common spaces at the dormitory. These restrictions applied to the students living there as well.

The idea of this work is based on adding an extra room to the first floor of the building, however, this room is not assembled for the exhibition. The sculptural work consists of enough material (wood platforms, wood panels, wood studs, screws and joints), which are predrilled, numbered and ready for assembling to have the final room in the place.

Following the idea of ready to assemble furniture, a hand drawn instruction catalogue is also included in the work. Whoever builds the room has the freedom to use it, in any way they please, for the duration of the exhibition. Thus, creating a private sphere inside the common shared area where the restrictions of the management of the dormitory do not apply.

Room 137, Site specific sculpture, Various Deminsions, 2018.. Installation View @PFERD, Vienna, Austria Photos: Matthias Bildstein, Bildrecht.