2014, Video and Sound Installation, In collaboration with Sana Gobbeh, Vienna, Austria

The homeland is lullabying and puts us to sleep,
a very deep one, with no tomorrow,
like all those forgotten years, which ignore our hands and cross out the memories.
Mom’s asleep, no dream whatsoever!
Giving ear to her, she only walks around.
Her footsteps remove the lullaby and I fall into another sleep.

“Lullaby” is the song of the Middle East, a land that is deafened by a constant voice screaming out certain words. The words are here and there every day.

This work is the voicing moments of the silence of the bodies wrapped in the hostility of these words. The bodies of those who are born sinners and inherited insecurity. They are in an endless act of redeeming themselves. Among all the words which shape their lives, the selected ones have the same phonetic structure. These words rhyme with each other in both Farsi and Arabic.


Lullaby, Video and Sound Installation, In collabroration with Sana Gobbeh, Vienna, Austria, 2014.